At Ashley’s Landscaping we are dedicated to the health of your lawn. We are certified applicators who are properly educated, licensed, and insured by the state of South Dakota. Save time and money by having us implement a personalized treatment plan for your lawn. Let us help you grow that lush green lawn you’ve always wanted. Our programs control weeds, rejuvenate thinning areas, and provide an all around healthy yard. Call us for a free estimate and jump on a lawn care plan today! 



Programs and Products 

4X Treatment ⇒

Start your lawn off on a healthy foot in the spring with Crabgrass control. Throughout the summer we will apply two more fertilizers plus weed control products to maintain that lush green. The 4th treatment will then prepare you lawn for the winter.

3X Treatment ⇒

Similar to the 4X we begin with a crabgrass control to minimize weed growth right from the start. We then apply one treatment during summer and one more in the fall.

2 X Treatment ⇒

This is our simplest program with only two applications. It can be a start in the right direction, but the lawn may require more personal attention by you the customer.

dscn0424.jpgCrabgrass Control  This product targets crabgrass which pops up in spring time and can viscously spread through lawns if not prevented early. It also gives a nutrient boost for grass right after a winter season.

Milorganite   This is an organic option that has no weed killing chemical in it but will provide a healthy nutrient feed for your grass.

dscn0602.jpgWeed & Feed  This product is applied when the lawn is wet. The weed killing chemical will stick to broadleaf weeds and kill them while the nutrient granules will go into the soil and feed the grass.



* Another product we recommend and use for lawn care is an insecticide. When bugs are plentiful you can get grubs, moles or other pesky rodents coming into your yard. A regular controlled insecticide will help prevent these pests from destroying your lush grass.


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