hardscapesThe process of creating a functional new look for your landscape may contain what we call Hardscapes. These include but are not limited to the following categories:



Outdoor Living Spaces

Walls or ColumnsĀ 

Water Features





Installation will begin according to the date we have scheduled, provided conditions are suitable for work. Underground utilities will be located prior to any excavating, so look for flags in your yard if this is the case. Normally you will see flags showing up 2 days prior to the crew arriving on site. For this reason, we may request your legal description. This is usually given in reference to township, range, and section number for the line locating service to do their job.

Once our crew starts on your project, we will work until the job is complete unless there are unforeseen problems. Installation can range from small plants up to large trees, dirt removal to grading and leveling, and small planters to retaining walls. Every effort is made to do our work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We try to never place materials or equipment in areas that will inconvenience you, but please be patient as we work to make improvements to your landscape.