Plant Material


TREES                        SHRUBS                       PERENNIALS                 ANNUAL FLOWERS

At Ashley’s Landscaping Inc. headquarters we maintain a full nursery with potted plants and trees as well as our own tree field where we grow trees to larger sizes. We purchase quality plant material from various suppliers. The plants that we select are chosen for their ability to grow and be hardy in our area of South Dakota. We guarantee all of our trees and shrubs for 1 year if we plant them. This means if they do not live through a full growing season we will replace them at no cost. If you plant them yourselves we guarantee them for 1 year at 50%. Perennials are only guaranteed for the current growing season, 100% if we plant, 50% if you plant them. Labor is not guaranteed and will be charged accordingly.

We will work with you to provide hardy plant selections suited for this area. If we do not have a plant that you are looking for, we can either direct you to another nursery or obtain it through one of our suppliers.

If you are interested in learning about the economic, environmental, and lifestyle benefits of a landscape project, please check out Project Evergreen.



In our nursery stalk we have small basketed trees, large basketed trees, B&B trees, and Mature size Field trees. You are more than welcome to come out during business hours and look at the options for yourself. The selection ranges from Shady deciduous to fruit bearing to ornamental to evergreens. We take pride in maintaining healthy trees that will grow beautifully for you once transplanted.




Similar to our trees we have different sizes of shrub plants in pots. Our selection includes flowering, hedge, evergreen, decorative, low growing or columnar, and thorny. We hand water and weed the plant material to keep them looking and growing in a healthy manner until they are ready to be planted in your landscape.




These are the plants that thrive with color in either spring, summer, or fall and then they die back in winter to rejuvenate themselves for the next season. At Ashley’s Landscaping Inc. we try our best to pick hardy perennials that will not be destroyed by a harsh SD winter. Our inventory fluctuates every season depending on popularity and changing products. However, we guarantee you will find something that catches your eye and makes your landscape pop. These plants are also available in multiple sizes and we keep a variety of shady, sunny, spring, fall, and summer bloomers.




We have a special page dedicated to our Annual Flowers. Click the link to find out how we can brighten your summer landscape!