Sodding and Seeding

Are you ready for a lush, green yard that you can be proud of?

Green Lawn

We offer two different options for obtaining that dream.


To jump on the fast track of obtaining your green lawn, SOD is the best option.

  • First Ashley’s Landscaping will prep the ground area which is to be sodded.
  • Prepping includes leveling, grading, and possibly adding good soil or fertilizer to give the roots of the new sod a great start.
  • Ashley’s Landscaping will then lay the sod in a professional way at the appropriate time.
  • After sod is laid it needs to be kept damp until the roots have a chance to take root in the new soil.


Another option is to use grass SEED. This, while not as immediate as sod, will create a full and healthy lawn at a lower upfront cost.

  • Ashley’s Landscaping will make sure the area is well prepared so the seed will grow and your lawn will fill in fully.
  • Prepping includes leveling, grading, tilling, raking, and special attention to curb or cement border areas.
  • Ashley’s Landscaping will then seed the area with the appropriate equipment, and add fertilizer to give the seed a healthy start. We may also cover certain areas with seed aid to prevent erosion or washing away of seed.
  • After the seed is laid, we will give instructions on how to water your new lawn. We will even help set up the timing on your irrigations system if need be.